Monday, March 22, 2010

Milani Holographic Nail Lacquer Review in HD

I saw a lot of reviews about this nail polish and wanted to try it out myself. I've been loving Milani Nailpolishes since back in the day but now they came out with these and I must say they are super cool!

At the store, CVS, they cost like $4.99 and I didn't see them as that great, since I guess the lighting at the store was horrible. But as I got home and swatched them I fell in LOVE!

To see the holographic/rainbow effect you need to put your nails in specific angles and lightings just like a holographic picture.

This is the grey/silver shade it's called HD.

I love them and bought all of them because I believe they won't be in stores for too long. I've been seeing that Milani has brought out many new things on their Summer/Spring 2010 line so I bought other Milani things that work great too. I'll have those reviews up soon. Thanks for reading. Check back for my other swatches and Milani reviews!


  1. Wow! You bought all of them? You really, really like them :)I sometimes do that because it seems whenever I really like something it soon gets snatched off the market. (

  2. Yea, they are really nice and I believe limited edition too!

  3. these are gorgeous!! i love glitter nail polish lol But they tend to dry out faster than regular nail polish anyway i think i will check these out before they get discontinued. Thanks hun :D

  4. Thanx. They do dry fast, i put about 3 coats on and it dried in 20 mins! Get them before they're done! :)

  5. I'm in love with that glitter polish.