Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LA Girls - Indie Rock Nailpolish

Some more LA Girls Nail polish which I absolutely love! This one is from the Rockstar collection. The nailpolishes have a metaltic shine with a great dazzle of glitter. The glitters aren't too gunky, so it isn't hard to remove them. I bought this from forver21 for $2.80 but they can be purchased from other places for different prices.

Here's Indie Rock. It's a dark metallic blue with bluish/purple glitters. Forever21 has another color that looks very similar to this that's called Midnight Glitter.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

MAC - Warm Me Up Lipstick


I was at Queens Center Mall yesterday and I decided to stop at MAC. I was hoping to find Violetta there but instead I found Warm Me Up from the Warm & Cozy Collection. I knew this was going to be good since it's all sold out online. And after I tried it on I realized that it's a great nude lip. Here's some swatches.

Here's it on the Lips. The color is described as a neutral pink but it's more of a creamy pink/brown with a little yellow in it. It's very pigmented and goes on smooth since it's an Amplified Cream finish.

I tried to do a whole 70's vibe wearing this lipstick a blouse and my aviators. I was wearing this blouse before I bought the lipstick but added the aviators for fun. :)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My First Experience at CCO (Deer Park, NY)

Things I got from CCO in Deer Park, NY

Pros: Got a lot of Limited Edition MAC stuff for cheap, Took about 30 mins to get there, Nice empty mall to shop at, beautiful environment

Cons: The rule of # of items to buy at CCO, the unhelpful people working at the store

I've been waiting for the Friends & Family MAC Sale to come , so I have been reading forums on Specktra.net and it seems that MAC won't be having a sale around this time. I also started reading about The Cosmetics Company Store or CCO. If you don't know what CCO is it's an outlet shop that features Estee Lauder-owned brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, FLIRT! and more. At CCO they have products that include overstock, discontinued colors, and limited-edition products. The thing that that makes this great is that now people can buy products they missed out on. But what really grabbed my attention was that these products were 30-40% off their original price! And after I read the forums on Specktra I was really tempted to go there. And so I did on Tuesday, January 12 and here's what I got!

Things I got from CCO in Deer Park, NY, again w/out boxes

So the prices for each items are:
Eyeshadow: $10.25
Lipstick: $10.00
Lipglass: $10.00
Blush: $12.25
Mineralize Blush: $15.75
Eyeliner: $10.25
Lashes: $9.25

They sucky part about this was that there was is a rule for CCO's that you can only buy three of each item. I think I read this on a forum but I thought they meant that you could only buy no more than three of certain product (For example: X-Rocks, X-Rocks, X-Rocks), but it really meant that I can only buy ONLY three blushes, three lipsticks, three of everything which is the most dumbest thing I've heard. I was able to get four eyeshadows beucase my sister was with me. But this rule really turned me off. And the worst part about this was that the lady working at the store made it so complicated for us saying that we even have to use a different type of payment just to get the extra eyeshadow! How wierd is that! Anyways, so let me give a detailed review of the things I bought.
NOTE: All the things were brand new in boxes, I used some of them as you can see in the pix :)


Strayin' (Frost)LE: From the MAC Hello Kitty Collection. I didn;t relize this was a frost but the color looks so beautiful on my tanned lips. I think its the perfect everyday fuchsia.
Sunsonic (Frost) LE: From the Neo Sci-Fi Collection. It was my first frost lipstick and I didn't relize how hard it feels on lips. The color looks very silvery on my lips but a bit tanner on my hands. I think it a better Bubbles for more tanner people.
Electro (Lustre) LE: From the Neo Sci-Fi Collection. It's Bright orange very similar looking to Morange but seems a bit creamier to me.


Bitter (Velvet) : Vivid green with shimmer. A bit hard to make the color come onto my eyes and hands.
Cool Heat (Frost) LE: Teal with dimensional pearl. Blends very nicely.
Poison Pen (Matte²) LE: Mid-tone purple with grey. This was my first time trying this finish! All I can say is that I LOVE IT. It's soo pigmented and easy to apply.
Femme Fi (Frost) LE: Soft golden yellow. From the Neo Sci-Fi Collection. Perfect color for highlighting.


X-Rocks LE: Neo Sci-Fi Sheertone shimmer blush. Shimmery dirty mauve, smooth applies nicely, very creamy.
Intenso LE: Mineralize Blush Duo. Top blush is a marble gold & pink, bottom blush is rose with gold glitters.
Joyous LE: Dark Peach with gold pearl. LOVE IT!


So There Jade (Powerpoint): Light green jade, looks for bluish to me. Soo beautiful & unique I fell in love with it! Also it doesn't smudge! Still Available!


Lash #34: Dramatically long. Wispy. Features a long, winged-corner edge. Still Available!


Soft & Slow (Tinted) LE: Rose with gold pearl


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neon Pink Matte Nail Polish


I've been getting soo many compliments about my nails lately and its all thanks to La Girls Nail Polishes which I absolutely love! I'm one of those people who usually messes up their nails by doing something silly or putting on too many coats but ever since I tried this brand I didn't have that problem. I do a lot of shopping from Forever21 so I decided to look them up. I found some reviews on Steph's Closet and decided to give it a try since I found the colors to be very unique. After I tried it I was soo amazed that I bought like every single bottle I could find!



The colors I have (starting from the back) are:

Row 1: Hype, Rushed, Pizzazz, Clever, Rumor, Magnetism, Fame, Spunky

Row 2: Irony, Tennis Ball, Nirvana, Wicked, Undressed, Intense, Eureka

Row 3: Indie Rock, Perky, Bittersweet, Blazing Hot, Spicy Salmon, Lights Out, Grey, Celestial Glitter

Row 4: Trigger, Jovial, Vigilant, Intuitive, Zealous, Tinsel Town, Nostalgia, Sea Grass


I took this picture after 1 week any my nail polish hardly chipped. I only put two coats. The thing I love the most about LA Girls Nail Polishes is that you know when they are dry since they quickly turn from liquid to matte-like in a few minutes. I bought my nail polishes from forever21 online and at the stores and boy did I spend a lot on them since I got soo many! They cost $2.80 at Forever21. You can also find them at Urban Outfitters for about $5.00 (same thing maybe different colors) or Cherry Culture for $4.00. I also saw them selling it at some Nail Store in Roosevelt Field Mall, NY for $4.00 I even heard some people got them at the Dollar General. It also seems like there are a bunch of names given for a color by a different seller, so the name I refer to are the names given by Forever21.


Here's my collection of Matte's I got from Forever21. Overall I love this product soo much and it's soo underrated. I'm going to continue updating on more nail polish swatches soon! Thanx for reading!