Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neon Pink Matte Nail Polish

I've been getting soo many compliments about my nails lately and its all thanks to La Girls Nail Polishes which I absolutely love! I'm one of those people who usually messes up their nails by doing something silly or putting on too many coats but ever since I tried this brand I didn't have that problem. I do a lot of shopping from Forever21 so I decided to look them up. I found some reviews on Steph's Closet and decided to give it a try since I found the colors to be very unique. After I tried it I was soo amazed that I bought like every single bottle I could find!

The colors I have (starting from the back) are:

Row 1: Hype, Rushed, Pizzazz, Clever, Rumor, Magnetism, Fame, Spunky

Row 2: Irony, Tennis Ball, Nirvana, Wicked, Undressed, Intense, Eureka

Row 3: Indie Rock, Perky, Bittersweet, Blazing Hot, Spicy Salmon, Lights Out, Grey, Celestial Glitter

Row 4: Trigger, Jovial, Vigilant, Intuitive, Zealous, Tinsel Town, Nostalgia, Sea Grass

I took this picture after 1 week any my nail polish hardly chipped. I only put two coats. The thing I love the most about LA Girls Nail Polishes is that you know when they are dry since they quickly turn from liquid to matte-like in a few minutes. I bought my nail polishes from forever21 online and at the stores and boy did I spend a lot on them since I got soo many! They cost $2.80 at Forever21. You can also find them at Urban Outfitters for about $5.00 (same thing maybe different colors) or Cherry Culture for $4.00. I also saw them selling it at some Nail Store in Roosevelt Field Mall, NY for $4.00 I even heard some people got them at the Dollar General. It also seems like there are a bunch of names given for a color by a different seller, so the name I refer to are the names given by Forever21.

Here's my collection of Matte's I got from Forever21. Overall I love this product soo much and it's soo underrated. I'm going to continue updating on more nail polish swatches soon! Thanx for reading!


  1. Wow, I had no idea these polishes were such great quality. I might give them a try. I am totally in love with your blog and the music, I just followed :) If you have time, come check out mine, thanks!!

  2. Oooo Such a lovely nail polish collection! xoxo

  3. I actually really like these matte polishes, which is surprising because I haven't fully jumped on the matte polish trend. That pink is so bright and fun! Love it!


  4. Yea.. all the matte colors are soo amazung and unique. I love then to death!! :)