Sunday, March 28, 2010

MAC Comparison - Light That Fire and Pink Grapefruit

I've heard a lot of forums and people asking if these two colors are similar. Well since I have both of them I thought I would do a comparison. Both of these are wonderful and limited edition!

So first here's MAC Light That Fire from the Warm & Cozy Collection. I found it to be more yellow in color and have less shimmers than Pink Grapefruit. Its a very great color to have thought and especially since it's limited edition.

So first here's MAC Pink Grapefruit. I got this from a holiday set in 2008 but I think it was originally from the Manish Arora Collection. I found it to be more pinker in color and have lots of shimmers. Its also limited edition!

Here you can see the difference with no flash! Light that Fire is much more yellow toned and Pink Grapefruit is more pink toned.

With flash they almost look the same. Even when worm on lips they look exactly the same because of the undertones in my lips.

Overall, if you have one of the lipglass you don't need to get the other unless you need another one! :) Thanks for reading.


  1. I like pink grapefruit the most =) ... thanks for following =) great blog

  2. Wow, Light that fire looks just like the MAC's Lipglass in "New Spirit". xx

  3. Love this blog I love Mac lip glass