Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milani Créme Brulip Color Glosses Lip Swatches

Hey guys! This is an overdue post once again! I bought these one month ago from the Milani Creme de la Creme Collection. I must say I really like these and have been liking a lot of Milani Cosmetics lately since they are a good price and are available at my local CVS. I still have a lot more Milani Reviews coming up too!

Milani Créme Brulip Color Glosses from top to bottom in
Sweet Dessert (01), Berry Brulée (02), Sugar Glaze (03), Strawberry Custard (06).

The thing I like about these are that they look as if they are lip glosses, but they have the same pigmentation like typical lipsticks. What really made me want to try them out was that the smell like actual creme brule. I thought it would be similar to the MAC Creamsheen Glass, but boy was I wrong! These are much better and inexpensive.

I would have to say that Strawberry Custard is my least favorite since it did not give me good coverage as the other ones did. This one had more of a typical MAC Creamsheen Glass texture and look.

These were all the ones that were released from my local CVS. I really like them and really recommend them since they were about $6.99 and work great. I've been looking everywhere and in other CVS's for these but I believe they are limited edition! :( I hope Milani brings these back because these are a hit!

If you guys see this in the stores, grab it it's awesome! Thanx for reading! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection Lip Swatches

Hey guys! I haven't updated in sooo long since I have been busy with all these papers and finals. Anywayz here's a haul I did from the MAC Pret-A-Papier collection. I really love this collection a lot since I'm a sucker for corals and it reminded me a lot of my absolute fave MAC lipstick (Ravishing).

MAC • Dressmaker, Dressmaker • Lipstick
I absolutely love this color. It's a peachy, light coral with no shimmer. It's a lustre formula but it's a lot more opaque than typical lustre lipsticks. On my tan skin it looks nude. It's similar to MAC's Freckletone but like a peachy/pink version of it. I love it! I really recommend this color.

MAC • Made to Order • Lipstick
I also love this color. It's a sheer coral with some gold shimmers. It looks a bit opaque on my lips because I had to layer it like any typical lustre. It is a lot more sheer than Ravishing and a bit darker colored. It's a nice coral to have.

MAC • Fold and Tuck • Lip Glass
OMG! This is such a great color. When I saw Temptalia's swatches, I knew I was gonna get it immediately. To me this is a gloss version of MAC Ravishing. It's a coral with a little gold shimmers. I love it and recommend this color for any skintone.

I hope this was helpful! Thanx for reading. :)

For more swatches and comparisons check out my sister's blog.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Swatches

Hi guys! I was supposed to make this post two months ago about this but I never got a chance to! I got these from about 3 hauls from CVS during the same week. I got them in a BOGO so it's like I got 3 lipsticks and the other 3 for free! So let me start my review!

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks [left to right] in Carnation (025), Mauve (005), Soft Rose (040), Rosy Nude (065), Peach (075), Soft Nude (070)

Mauve (005) - this is a purplish/mauve color that is dark pink it has no shimmer and is creamy. It's darker than Carnation. It tends to look darker and more browner without flash photography.

Carnation (025) - this is a regular pink that really compliment my skin it has no shimmer and is creamy. It's darker than Carnation. I love it!

Soft Rose (040) - it's a muddy rose color it has no shimmer and is creamy. It's similar to rosy nude but is a little lighter. I would not recommend this for lighter skintones, unless you want dark colored lips.

Rosy Nude (065) - its a muddy rosy that is darker than Soft Rose. It's definitely not nude for me. This is my least favorite. I do not recommend this if you don't like dark colored lips.

Soft Nude (070) - this is a nude color, a little darker and pinker than Revlon Nude Attitude. This is an alright nude but definitely not the best for my tan skintone. This would go great with dark eyeshadow.

Peach (075) - I absolutely LOVE this color. This is my favorite from this collection, I'm a sucker for corals and peaches! This color is a nice light orange color! I really really recommend this color for everyone!

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks [left to right top to bottom]
Mauve (005),Carnation (025), Soft Rose (040)
Rosy Nude (065), Soft Nude (070), Peach (075)

Swatches all together!
Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks [left to right top to bottom]
Mauve (005),Carnation (025), Soft Rose (040)
Rosy Nude (065), Soft Nude (070), Peach (075)

I have a lot of great reviews coming up so keep checking back for more posts! Thanx for reading :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lancôme - Designer Bloom

Hi guys! I was organizing my make-up drawer a few weeks ago and I realized I had this (hence the same time I found my Lancome Pink Organza). I most probably got this from some set a few years ago since my mother buys a lot of of Lancôme products and somehow it ended up in my drawer. I decided to try this one before I threw it out just like the other one :x!!! But I discovered how great it is and still am wondering if this is a dupe of MAC O lipstick.

Just like Pink Organza I found this to be very amazing. The best thing about it is that it's STILL AVAILABLE in stores. When I looked it up on MakeUpAlley I saw that reviewers gave it a Average Rating. of 5.0 out of 5.0 and 100% of the reviewers would buy this product again. I also saw that this color is an award winner. Thank god I didn't discard it!

Here's a swatch of it, The color is a reddish-brown mauve that has a gold shimmer/sheen to it. The finish is Sheen and to me it feels similar to like a MAC Lustre formula. It looks like typical Guerlain lipsticks. It comes out sheer but is very buildable. It seems to compliment my skintone and I'm sure it'll compliment all skintones. And it costs $22 which isn't so bad for a great quality lipstick.

I decided to do some comparisons with this since I would like to find a dupe of it. As you can see it is more red than MAC - Warm Me Up and MAC Viva Glam VI. I'm trying to find an exact dupe, I believe MAC Thrills which is coming out in the To The Beach Collection will have that.

I have a lot of great reviews coming up so keep checking back for more posts! Thanx for reading :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Favorites!

Hey all! Here's some products I used a lot, bought, and recommend for this past month April!

1. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
I absolutely love this concealer soo much! I wear it everday to cover up my blemishes and under-eye circles. If there are 3 cosmetics I need to live, this is my number 1!

2. LA Girls Nailpolish in Bittersweet (Forever21 Name)
I wore this for most of the month when the Chanel Illusion D'Or came out and when it did I realized that I already had a dupe of it for a fraction of the price! I bought this in Forever21 during the holiday in 2009 and it looks soo much like Chanel's Illusion D'Or. I got soo many compliment wearing it. I will have a review of it soon. I love LA Girls Nailpolish.

3. L'Oreal H.I.P. Eye Shadow Duo in Wicked 536
I bought this during a CVS haul this past month. It's not very pigmented so I use it for everyday use. It has a golden side and a matte plum side. I will have a review of these coming up.

4. Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer SPF-15
I use this moisturizer for everyday use. I've been using this since I was in 7th grade and I still love it. It gives me a nice glow and wakes me up!

5. MAC Neo Sci Fi Sheertone Shimmer Blush - X-Rocks
I don't use this everyday but I can if I want! I use this to contour my face. I picked it up from CCO in Deer Park, NY. Check out my past review of it.

6. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Black
I ABSOLUTELY love this liner! I have compared it to my MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and found this more pigmented, cheaper, sanitary, and easier to use. I will have a comparison of them coming up.

7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Sandalwood Beige 240
I picked this up recently during a CVS haul looking for rosey colors. It's a nice opaque color. I picked it based on a blog review and I love it. I could where this everyday. Read my review below to see swatches of it.

8. EcoTools Bamboo Foundation Brush
I've been looking for a nice inexpensive Foundation Brush and got this after a sale at Rite Aid. It works very well and is very soft! It's a very good buy!

9. Eco Tools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set - Highlight Brush
I love this whole brush set but I chose this one especially because I've been looking for a good blending brush and I found this. It's sup[er soft and very useful. I'll have a longer review of it soon and even an ecotools GIVEAWAY, so keep checking back!

10. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Extreme Black
I bought this about 2 weeks ago at CVS and I am very please with this. The brush shape is really cool. It didn't work so well with my upper lashes but it was wonderful for my lower lashes. I really recommend it for lower lashes.