Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milani Créme Brulip Color Glosses Lip Swatches

Hey guys! This is an overdue post once again! I bought these one month ago from the Milani Creme de la Creme Collection. I must say I really like these and have been liking a lot of Milani Cosmetics lately since they are a good price and are available at my local CVS. I still have a lot more Milani Reviews coming up too!

Milani Créme Brulip Color Glosses from top to bottom in
Sweet Dessert (01), Berry Brulée (02), Sugar Glaze (03), Strawberry Custard (06).

The thing I like about these are that they look as if they are lip glosses, but they have the same pigmentation like typical lipsticks. What really made me want to try them out was that the smell like actual creme brule. I thought it would be similar to the MAC Creamsheen Glass, but boy was I wrong! These are much better and inexpensive.

I would have to say that Strawberry Custard is my least favorite since it did not give me good coverage as the other ones did. This one had more of a typical MAC Creamsheen Glass texture and look.

These were all the ones that were released from my local CVS. I really like them and really recommend them since they were about $6.99 and work great. I've been looking everywhere and in other CVS's for these but I believe they are limited edition! :( I hope Milani brings these back because these are a hit!

If you guys see this in the stores, grab it it's awesome! Thanx for reading! :)


  1. berry brulee is really pretty.

    Great post, as usual

  2. Thanx! Yes Berry Brulee was my fave too! :)

  3. Love it especially the second one :)
    Thx for sharing

  4. wow really nice, the berry brulee and strawberry custard are my favorite, the look really nice on you

  5. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  6. Wow these look gorgeous on you! I'm so glad they worked out for you because on me, they were pretty yucky (maybe due to my dry lips.) I was turned off my the tiny size of the tube too. =( But I do think the colors are gorgeous!