Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revlon Matte Mauve It Over and Pink Pout Lipstick Swatches

Hey! This is my second attempt trying Revlon Matte Lipsticks since the first one wasn't too great. But I thought I would give it a try since I heard many good things about these lipsticks and I was curious enough to test them out. was amazed by how good they are!

Revlon Matte Mauve It Over (003) and Pink Pout (002) Lipstick

Revlon Matte Mauve It Over (003)
Dry but creamy light red/brown color that I would not consider Mauve since it looks more red than pink/purple. Color is almost the same color as my lips and I really like that. I feel like it can even be worn alone if your lips are not chapped. It's a great everyday color.

Revlon Matte Pink Pout (002)
Dry but creamy pink with brown/purple undertones. I thought this color would look too chalky on me but I'm amazed how it actually compliments my skin. It's a color that looks nice with some gloss but I love this pink, it really unique. Definitely recommend for olive skintones.

I find these colors both very wearable and definitely recommend these two. These are much WAY better than the first one I tried Nude Attitude (001) which was too drying and looked too chalky on my lips. To wear these you have to make sure your lips are not chappy since it will show up a lot with these too.

I hope this was helpful. More posts coming soon. Bye :)


  1. Nude attitude looked like crap on my lips! Love the Pink Pout

  2. love pink pout..i bought berry haute l/s a few days back after seeing swatches on your blog and i absolutely love it...thanks for posting swatches

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  4. I like hte one that looks like a nude tone. Sometimes it's better dry so you can just touch it up with lip gloss or lip balm. It looks good on your lips! :)

  5. love both the shades :) great review. Just found your blog and following you now.

    Hope you drop by and visit my blog too :)

    Have a nice day!

  6. thanks for sharing this! I love these Revlon matte lipsticks! :)

  7. These look really nice! I'll keep these in mind! :)

    followed your blog :)

  8. im feeling these lippies...i have to get it now lol

  9. I wish I could wear matte lipsticks but even with a gloss on top I feel like they make me lips so wrinkly!


  10. love the last colour lippy xxx

  11. Both shade are really pretty! :)


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    also - I, like some other readers maybe, am at work reading your blog. shh! :) the autoplay may give me away if I'm not careful enough some day!

    thanks, and keep up the nice blogging.

  13. Both colors look so pretty!


  14. These lipsticks look amazing! Must check them out =)