Thursday, December 16, 2010

UPDATE! and Maybelline Enchanted Forest Quad Review

Hey guys! I haven't blogged in a while! I had to step out because of school issues. I'm still having finals right now but after next week I'll have super updates on lots and lots of stuff I bought recently! I miss blogging I can't wait to start again! I have soo much more to share. Some of my upcoming posts are listed above! But here's a review I had forgot to put up a while ago!

This is a nice and everyday pallete. The colors are nicely pigmented for daily use and it's pretty good compared to other Maybelline eyeshadows I own! I picked this up from all the good reviews I saw on

I really like how they label what each shadow is used for although I find myself using the brow bone a lot! (I'm a sucker for highlighter shades :) )

Here's come swatches.
My camera didn't pick up most of the pigmentation on them but they are really nice and natural. As you can see the colors basically blend in with your skin. I will preview an eye look on it possibly soon! Thanks for reading :)


  1. Thanks so Much for your insights!! After reading several of your reviews I made a beauty shopping list and went crazy at the drugstore.

    -A Beauty in Life Blogger

  2. those are such gorgeous colours xx

  3. You should test it on your eyes, i wanna see how nice it looks on an actual eye. Beautiful choice of colours by the way

  4. Thanks all I will have a look soon