Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everybody`s Wearing Cargo Skinny Pants This Season!

Hey all. Cargo Skinny Pants are totally in for this fall season. Many celebrities have been already been spotted wearing the most famous ones, J Brand "Houlihan" Skinny Cargo Pants. The style originally started on Balmain runways and many designers have incoporated on the style. Me being a huge fan wanted to buy the actual ones but they are SOLD OUT in many places. Luckily I found ones that were an exact dupe of them for about 90% off. I also found some other good ones in a similar style.

Dupes I found buy the brand Almost Famous retailing for about $30.00.

I got these pictures from but I found that other stores such as Pay Half or Strawberry also carries them. So I bought it from there for about $22.00! These are very good dupes. The detailing is very very identical to J Brands, even the color! They also had one available in Khaki too, which I might go back to get.

Some celebrities wearing it. Everybody's wearing them this season!

What do you think about this trend?


  1. love em! I need to get myself a pair!
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  2. i like them! im so glad i bought a pair, anf the only cost me 16 bux!! :)

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  3. Thanx guys, I'll def check them out