Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Designer or Forever21?

Hey guys, as you all know I'm a huge Forever21 fan and always check daily for what new great things they get. I'm also a huge fan of designer clothing. I love how Forever21 is very fashion forward and uses inspiration from designers but is it me or do some of these look a little bit to similar?

To the Left
1. Trash & Luxury Eau Courant Tee in Eggshell
2. Anama Tie-Dye Maxi Dress in Eggplant
3. TOM BINNS Tough Chic Zipper Earrings
4. Betsey Johnson's 'Dream Closet' Monkey Charm Necklace
5. CHANEL Spring 2010 Clogs

All pictured items to the right are Forever21 Brand


  1. cool ! they look almost exactly the same ,, =)

  2. Wow, they are so similar, some WAY similar, that I can't believe they get away with it! But I do think it's awesome that a store like Forever 21 does it so we can afford those thousands of dollars dresses and $200 earrings (guesses, haha.)

  3. it's amazing how forever21 can duplicate & offer us the cheaper version of some designer items... forever21 rocks!! LOL

  4. They do look similar!:D Unfair for the designers but great for people on a budget!:D

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  5. Wow they do look exactly the same, you're right I think it's cool to get inspired but these are identical. I guess it's not so bad, the first t-shirt is exactly the same and I don't if it would be the worth $100 or more..

  6. hey
    thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)
    iam a big F21 fan..like big big..i would definitely vouch for F21(as far as clothes go)..i like to go designer in shoes and bags..:)


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  8. Cool! they all look juat the same! nice post(:

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  9. these earrings are super cute and creative :)
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