Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hey, I got this lovely idea from A Brilliant Brunette's blog, so I though I'd share a couple of my favorite MAC eyeshadows that are from their permanent collection.

Listed from left to right in-order of the picture.
1. Goldmine - shimmery pigmented real gold
2. Cranberry -pigmented berry with purple glaze
3. Nylon - MY FAVE! especially for my inner eye. pigmented creamy pearl
4. Beauty Marked - black/maroon sparkles. Good for the crease area
5. Mulch - pigmented pearly brown. Good for the crease area
6. Amber Lights - very pigmented bronze/gold with shimmers
7. Humid - very pigmented forest green. I LOVE THIS
8. Sketch -matte maroon. Good for the crease area
9. Electra -for my inner eye. pigmented true silver
10. Deep Truth - pigmented navy with cobalt sparkles.


Another eyeshadow that I don't have pictured or own is MAC Jest (which is a shimmery champagne) and it is perfect for my everyday wearing alone. I need to purchase this and I highly recommend it.

What's your top MAC eyeshadows?


  1. Heyyy great post!!
    I definitely wanna try Goldmine & Humid

    I don't have that many MAC eyeshadows yet, but I love Vapour, Sable & Woodwinked!


  2. great color choices im missing a few of those in my collection thanks for the swatches

  3. great picks!! have you tried antiqued, it looks gorg with amber lights. star violet is GORG too, love it to death

  4. It is such an awesome collection! My fave now is All that glitters.

  5. MAC always gives the best pigmented eyeshadow ;]

  6. hey great post (:
    i don't own any MAC makeup, i only got a MAC nailpolish which my boyfriend got me haha (:

    These colours look soo goood, i really want to get some of these (:

    I'm your follower, check out my blog and i hope you can follow me back

    xxo nazish

  7. great picks! i love SKETCH and CRANBERRY :D