Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Officially A Cookie Monster

There are these cookies at that I eat all the time. They are oouey gooey soft double chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate chips!!! I usually buy them from the Hunter Cafeteria. This is the only thing so far that I like about Hunter!! I buy them everday and I got soo many other people hooked on these cookies. I'm soo addicited to them. If I don't have them one day, then my stomach and brain feels soo blah. They make me feel SOOOOOO good!! Here are some pix of them.. Im eating them right now at this moment.. in the library computer lab where it's not allowed.. shhhhh..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Look At This

I was looking for a new background template and I find this!


This is so cute!

I remember reading this book recently to one of my kids at the tutoring place. And now I see it on the google page because it's the first day of Spring! LOL It's the first day of spring and its cold, sunny and snowing outside. LOLzz

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe Thomas, New Man

I LOVE this album sooo much and I wanna share it w// everyone. Most people probably don't hear of him now b/c he joined an independent label, but still, he's still the best to me! Here is a list of the songs on this album.

New Man
1. E.R. (Emergency Room)
2. By Any Means
3. Why Just Be Friends
4. We Need to Roll
5. Man In Your Life
6. I Won't Let Him Hurt You
7. New Man
8. Start Over Again
9. Sorry
10. Heart Behind My Eyes
11. Chameleon

Snipets From Signature (Coming Out June 2, 2009)
12. Friends Don't Let Friends
13. Special Friends
14. Magic
15. Sex Girl
16. Wanna Be Your Lover

Bonus Tracks/ Deluxe Edition
1. Heavy (Japan)
2. I Will Again
3. Triple Black Room
4. Approach

1. We Need to Roll (Last Sip) ft. Mario
2. We Need to Roll ft. Trey Songz
3. Triple Black Room ft. Diddy
4. Man In Your Life ft. The Game
5. New Man ft. Jay Shawn

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Woke Up Early For No Reason

This is what sux about having two email addresses and the one time I forget to check one of them, it makes me feel so stupid. So I woke up at like 5am ,a few hours ago, and i rushed to get to skool b/c my dad kept bugging me. So I get to skool, and i check my hunter email address and saw that I only got an email from my English Professor. So I'm like whatever. its 8:30 lemmie go to class, and I go near my class and I see like 3 of my other lab classmates and they were also wondering if our class was cancelled. We asked some Professor lady there and she told us she had an emergency and that my lab instructor sent everybody an email yesturday!! OMG genius me, I could've slept for 2 extra hours! Oh well, I guess I'll get some studying done since I'm at skool.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pet Society

This is the only reason why I log onto Facebook everyday, because of this app Pet Society. You create your own virtual pet and play games, visit your friends, shop, clean yourself, decorate your home and much more!!! I love this game soo much. I named my pet Meowbie. I've been playing this game for like three months now. Here are some pix of Meowbie's house!

JOE is gonna have a concert!

Yes yes yes.. yessie yes yes.. Joe is coming to New York for a concert on May 9th, 2009 at the Lehman Performing Arts Center in the Bronx! I'm not sure if I could go but Im gonna try my hardest. Case is also gonna be there!!!! My faves!!

I found out on Joe's new official site:

This Week

OMG, i hav been soo busy this week, I had to do my lab reports on monday and a five page paper and i was working all weekend and monday (no sleep!!). On tuesday I have no idea what i had but i was busy studying for my CPE test ,I was reading about robots and i stayed at skool from 8 am to 10 pm!! On wednesday I had to take the CPE, and it was like 4 hours long, so again I had to stay at skool until like 10 o'clock. On thursday, I had a bunch of reading to do, and I had to prepare for my freaking music test which was about like listening 20 songs and finding the tone, texture, word painting, genre and other weird stuff. I studied all night and thank god brian let me borrow his laptop, b/c it really saved my butt!! One of the songs I had to listen to was this castrato opera guy singing about his life and omg that song and video got into my head and I cant get the song out lol. I also realized that having a laptop really saved my butt, and its something im definitely missing in my life.. I soo wanna get one and im gonna start looking. So friday I had my music quiz and work, and after i came home i had to rush and do my chem hw which is really hard and due before midnight. Ughh stressful. saturday and today i was working to and i will be tomorrow also.. soo many new things are going on. I have midterms this week, my mom is going to BD and so much more stuff. Ughh i must get ready for another busy week!!

The video that was stuck in my head of an Baroque Italian Castrated Opera singer that looks like Michael Jackson:

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Soo Busy

Hmm, well lots of new things have been happening to me, but I haven't had a chance to really write and fix my profile up. Oh well, I'll update later... <3