Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe Thomas, New Man

I LOVE this album sooo much and I wanna share it w// everyone. Most people probably don't hear of him now b/c he joined an independent label, but still, he's still the best to me! Here is a list of the songs on this album.

New Man
1. E.R. (Emergency Room)
2. By Any Means
3. Why Just Be Friends
4. We Need to Roll
5. Man In Your Life
6. I Won't Let Him Hurt You
7. New Man
8. Start Over Again
9. Sorry
10. Heart Behind My Eyes
11. Chameleon

Snipets From Signature (Coming Out June 2, 2009)
12. Friends Don't Let Friends
13. Special Friends
14. Magic
15. Sex Girl
16. Wanna Be Your Lover

Bonus Tracks/ Deluxe Edition
1. Heavy (Japan)
2. I Will Again
3. Triple Black Room
4. Approach

1. We Need to Roll (Last Sip) ft. Mario
2. We Need to Roll ft. Trey Songz
3. Triple Black Room ft. Diddy
4. Man In Your Life ft. The Game
5. New Man ft. Jay Shawn

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