Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week

OMG, i hav been soo busy this week, I had to do my lab reports on monday and a five page paper and i was working all weekend and monday (no sleep!!). On tuesday I have no idea what i had but i was busy studying for my CPE test ,I was reading about robots and i stayed at skool from 8 am to 10 pm!! On wednesday I had to take the CPE, and it was like 4 hours long, so again I had to stay at skool until like 10 o'clock. On thursday, I had a bunch of reading to do, and I had to prepare for my freaking music test which was about like listening 20 songs and finding the tone, texture, word painting, genre and other weird stuff. I studied all night and thank god brian let me borrow his laptop, b/c it really saved my butt!! One of the songs I had to listen to was this castrato opera guy singing about his life and omg that song and video got into my head and I cant get the song out lol. I also realized that having a laptop really saved my butt, and its something im definitely missing in my life.. I soo wanna get one and im gonna start looking. So friday I had my music quiz and work, and after i came home i had to rush and do my chem hw which is really hard and due before midnight. Ughh stressful. saturday and today i was working to and i will be tomorrow also.. soo many new things are going on. I have midterms this week, my mom is going to BD and so much more stuff. Ughh i must get ready for another busy week!!

The video that was stuck in my head of an Baroque Italian Castrated Opera singer that looks like Michael Jackson:

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