Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dental School Anticipation

My Horoscope for today.
"Suddenly, your career takes center stage."

Nothing seems to move at the pace you want it to today -- but you can still get work done. It's just that you're not as far along as you'd like, and that could mean that you start to get quite frustrated soon.

I woke up from a nightmare today morning about my career and future plans transitioning to dental/medical school. Even though I still have 3-4 years left to work on it but I want think about it now. So, I woke-up at 5 am and started researching about the Dental Schools in NY and around here and the score I need to receive on the DATs to get accepted. I found the Kaplan site very useful, and I did some sample problems. I learned that there are 4 sections which are Natural Sciences(Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry), Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning(math). I thought the test was mostly about science. I did a few practice problems, and I got all the Quantitative Reasoning correct and the Reading Comprehension wasn't that bad. The Perceptual Ability section was kind of cool and okay. Since I did not take college level Biology and Organic Chemistry I skipped those and did some General Chemistry problems and I seem to need to brush up on that. I also made a list of books to order.
  1. Kaplan DAT 2009-2010 Edition
  2. Barron's DAT: Dental Admissions Test
  3. The Pre-Dental Guide: A Guide for Successfully Getting into Dental School by Joseph S. Kim
  4. Guide to Medical and Dental Schools by Saul Wischnitzer Ph.D., Edith Wischnitzer

I hope I start studying soon, So I can get a hang of this and not treat this like the SATs!

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