Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Totally Feeling Betsey's New Necklaces

I was just playing with Polyvore all day long and clipping things in my items from and I found a cute, stylish funky necklace that caught my attention. It was apart of Betsey Johnson's 'Dream Closet' collection.
Here are some pictures of it:

This is the first thing that caught my eye, a monkey charm necklace. ($55.. not bad)

This is a probably much cuter than the one before this.. I love the teddy bear charm.. This necklace costs $150 (a lil to expensive but soo worth it.. hey atleast its way cheap compared to Tom Binn's)

It's like a dream come true for my closet to have the 'Dream Closet' collection. :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joe's New Hit "Worst Case Scenario"

Just found this on youtube thanx once again to ghanaman14 and all the other Joe fans out there. It's a very slow song. I wonder if it's a track on Signature.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tom Binn's Jewelery

OMG! While I was at jury duty, I was flipping through magazines of Vogue and I saw some jewelry that really stood out and reminded me of some jewelry that I once saw in a store but never bought it b/c i thought it was a lil too wild.. But now I found out those wild jewelry was inspired by the designer Tom Binn. I've been doing some research on designs Tom Binn creates and I totally love it! It totally fits the funky jewelry trend look that I'm trying to pull of these days. One famous person who LOVES Tom Binn Jewelery is Michelle Obama. Here are some pictures of Tom Binn's Designs that I've collected from various blogs and sites:

Even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, <3's onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
These are the earrings I bought that are inspired by Tom Binn's Designs.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joe's Tour Schedule

Taken from
Joe's Scheduled "Road To Essence Tour" featuring Chico DeBarge and Genuwine
2009 tour dates
Date //City -- Venue
June 12 //Boston,Ma --Berkley Community Theatre
June 13 // New Haven, Ct --Toad's Place
June 15 // New York, NY -- BB Kings*
June 18 // Atlanta, GA --Earth Link Live
June 19 //Orlando, FL --House Of Blues
June 20 // Myrtle Beach, FL --House Of Blues
June 24 // Cleveland, OH --House Of Blues
June 25 //Chicago, IL --House Of Blues
July 1 //Houston, TX --House Of Blues
July 2 //New Orleans --House Of Blues
July 3 //Dallas, TX --House Of Blues
July 16 //Brooklyn, NY --Von King City Park*
July 18 //Washinton, DC -- Carter Barron Amphitheater
July 26 // New York, NY --Central Park*
August 1 // Cincinnati, OH --TBD
August 16 // Birmingham, Al -- Heritage Jazz Festival

*Im Going to be there to show my support!!

Another Signature Release!

Finally We Have the full version of a snippet from "Joe Thomas, New Man" for Signature... Sex Girl

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joe's Photoshoot for his Upcoming Video "Magic"

I'm soo excited that Joe is making a new video... but im even happier that he's making a video for the song "Magic." I loved the snippet in his album last year "Joe Thomas, New Man" but now I already heard the full song and I love it!!!!! And now he's gona give all us fans some more w// this video.. Here's some pix!!

The video is directed by Parris (who most recently directed The Dream’s, “Rockin That Thang Remix” video).

I'm going to see Joe next month at BB Kings right after the release of his album.. He's be touring w// Chico Debarge and Genuwine.

Joe's Album is supposed to come out June 14, 2009!!! Woo hoo.. One Month to go :)