Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joe's Photoshoot for his Upcoming Video "Magic"

I'm soo excited that Joe is making a new video... but im even happier that he's making a video for the song "Magic." I loved the snippet in his album last year "Joe Thomas, New Man" but now I already heard the full song and I love it!!!!! And now he's gona give all us fans some more w// this video.. Here's some pix!!

The video is directed by Parris (who most recently directed The Dream’s, “Rockin That Thang Remix” video).

I'm going to see Joe next month at BB Kings right after the release of his album.. He's be touring w// Chico Debarge and Genuwine.

Joe's Album is supposed to come out June 14, 2009!!! Woo hoo.. One Month to go :)


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  2. well he sells more than that w/o even trying as hard as others like ahem** triple time platnum!!!! TALK about THAT!!

  3. Joe rocks!!! Can I come with you guys to his next concert!!! OMG I can't wait!